I'm Polle Vanhoof. I'm a cyber security expert with years of experience in a wide range of technologies. I mainly focus my efforts on securing all kinds of IT systems, but it's not unusual for me to take on the occasional side-challenge. When not preoccupied with managing and executing penetration tests on business infrastructure, I also design and create beautiful websites.

Please take a look around the website, you can find examples of my work in cyber security or have a look at some of the websites I made. If you are interested in my work, or would like to contact me, you can do so easily through the contact page.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Years of work on the security of critical financial systems and safety-critical transportation systems have created a strong foundation for my skills in Cyber Security. The combination of experience in both software development and Cyber Security results in a unique and multifaceted perspective regarding the security of your applications.

Using that knowledge, I can assess or create a cyber security strategy for your business, build a security architecture for new systems, test the security posture of existing applications or infrastructure, and so much more.

I invite you to have a look at my accomplishments and my experience with cyber security for both large and small businesses.

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Web Design

To properly assess the security of an application, one should be able to securely build it themselves. During my time as a cyber security expert, I have encountered a significant number of web applications. This has motivated me to branch out and fully submerge myself in the world of website development.

One of the useful side effects has been that I am now very comfortable with building responsive and stylish websites. As such, this is now one of the many skills I offer to clients.

With the experience as a cyber security expert, you can rest assured that any website I design for your business is in excellent shape!

This site contains some references to other websites I have made for clients in the past. Feel free to browse their content and evaluate my work.

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Website Design
Information Nuggets

Nuggets of Information

Sharing is Caring. For my fellow cyber and IT folk, I maintain a collection of code snippets and short guides on a broad range of topics. During a career, people in this field seem to collect a substantial number of useful fragments of code, handy tips and tricks, or full guides for doing something tricky. I decided to use this website partially to give something back, and host some of these informational nuggets I found or created myself.

So if you have a background in IT and are curious to see if I can teach you anything new (or if you have no such background and just want a peek behind the scenes), feel free to browse some of the tips and tricks I uploaded for you.

I have tried to make all of the nuggets self-contained and bite-sized, to keep everything to the point and educational.

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